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Version: CloudNet v3.5 ๐Ÿšง



  • At least one running Node for the Cluster
  • A central database (e.g. MySQL, NOT the default H2-Database)


  1. Start the new Node for the first time
  2. Answer the question Is this node part of a cluster? (MultiRoot) > during the setup process with yes
  3. Enter the name of the new node (e.g. Node-2)
  4. Enter the ClusterID of the existing cluster. You can find it in any config.json of a set up node in the section cluster.
  5. Enter the names of all existing nodes (separated as said by a ;)
  6. Enter the host of each node in the format IP:PORT (e.g.
  7. Add the new node on every existing node of the Cluster with the clu add <Name> <Host> command (e.g. clu add Node-2

INFO: The connection to the node [uniqueId=Node-2] was successfully established!

The connection has successfully been established and the new Node is added to the cluster. You now might want to add the Node to a few tasks and push everything (Tasks Configs, Templates, ...) to the new Node by executing clu push all on any previously existing node.


WARNING: Authorization unfortunately failed to a node in the network

The connection to at least one of the existing nodes in the cluster failed. Please ensure that you used the correct ClusterID in Step 4 and that you added the new node to every existing node as described in Step 7.