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Version: CloudNet v3.5 🚧

Bridge Command

The paste command is used to manage the configuration of the Bridge-Module.

Permission: cloudnet.command.bridge
Aliases: bridge


This command can be used as a command in the node console or as a command ingame with the prefix /cloud

This is a basic overview about the bridge command.
Please have a look below for any further information.

COMMAND:  - bridge reload
COMMAND: - bridge create entry <targetGroup>
COMMAND: - bridge task <name> set requiredPermission <requiredPermission>

bridge reload

Usage: bridge reload

This command reloads the configuration of the bridge module, to apply any changes made manually.

bridge create entry

Usage: bridge create entry <targetGroup>

This command creates a new entry to manage the fallbacks for the specified proxy targetGroup in the Bridge Configuration.
You do not need to use this command, but it can help you if you are not sure how to do it.

bridge task set requiredPermission

Usage: bridge task <name> set requiredPermission <requiredPermission>

This command sets a required permission (to be able to join) for the task with the given name.