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Version: CloudNet v3.4

Screen Command

The screen command is used to get access to the console of a service.

Permission: cloudnet.command.screen
Aliases: screen, scr, console


This command can be used as a command in the node console or as a command ingame with the prefix /cloud

This is a basic overview about the screen command.
Please have a look below for any further information.

COMMAND:  - screen list
COMMAND: - screen disableAll
COMMAND: - screen toggle <local service name>
COMMAND: - screen write <command> ...

screen list

Usage: screen list

This command lists the services for which you enabled the console output.

screen disableAll

Usage: screen disableAll

This command disables the output of all services.

screen toggle

Usage: screen toggle <local service name>

This command enables or disables the printing of the console output for the specified (local) service.

screen write

Usage: screen write <command>

This command executes the given command in the console of all enables screens.