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Version: CloudNet v3.3

Smart Module

The Smart module extends the configurations of the tasks, it also needs the CloudNet Bridge Module to work. It can automatically start services depending on the player count on other services.


The configuration is individually for each task. It can be found in the task file of the specific task in the local/tasks/ directory (e.g. local/tasks/Lobby.json).


Enables (or disables) the smart configuration for this task. (true/false)


This defines which task should be handled first


  • If enabled (true), templates and inclusions will be installed onto the service after it has been prepared
  • If disabled (false), they will be installed directly before the service is being started


This will always keep the specified amount of services created in the PREPARED state so that they can directly be started without having to copy the templates (if directTemplatesAndInclusionsSetup is enabled)


This decreases the time needed until a new service is ready to join


Enables (or disables) the dynamic memory allocation.


The node is allowed to remove up to the specified amount of memory in dynamicMemoryAllocationRangewhen the total memory usage of the node is more than 50%


We DO NOT recommend using this feature!


How much memory might be removed from the task if necessary
Please read also the further explanation dynamicMemoryAllocation


This will check if the specified percentage of players is online in the service, if not it starts a countdown (specified in autoStopTimeByUnusedServiceInSeconds) and stops the service when the countdown reaches 0.


You can disable this feature by setting the value to -1.


The amount of time to wait until a service gets stopped as specified in percentOfPlayersToCheckShouldAutoStopTheServiceInFuture


If the percentage of players on a service reaches this value, a new service is being created and started.


This is the (minimal) delay between every service created by the percentOfPlayersForANewServiceByInstance option.


We do not recommend using this option. Instead, we recommend using the minNonFullServices option.


This option keeps always the specified amount of non-full services (according to the percentage specified in percentOfPlayersForANewServiceByInstance online).


This will always install all templates of the group, it only affects the way task templates are chosen (by default CloudNet uses all of them). The possible options for this feature are:

  • INSTALL_ALL - This is the default value and will install every template of the task
  • INSTALL_RANDOM - This will install a random amount of templates of the task
  • INSTALL_RANDOM_ONCE - This will install one random template of the task and
  • INSTALL_BALANCED - This will spread the templates onto all servers (one template each)


This will prevent the creation of new services when the specified amount is reached


The value -1 disables this option.

Sample configuration

The default configuration of the Smart module looks like this:

"smartConfig": {
"enabled": false,
"priority": 10,
"directTemplatesAndInclusionsSetup": true,
"preparedServices": 0,
"dynamicMemoryAllocation": false,
"dynamicMemoryAllocationRange": 256,
"percentOfPlayersToCheckShouldAutoStopTheServiceInFuture": 0,
"autoStopTimeByUnusedServiceInSeconds": 180,
"percentOfPlayersForANewServiceByInstance": 100,
"forAnewInstanceDelayTimeInSeconds": 300,
"minNonFullServices": 0,
"templateInstaller": "INSTALL_ALL",
"maxServiceCount": -1