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Version: CloudNet v3.3

Report Module

The Report Module provides the following tools:

  • to create records of crashed servers
  • upload logs of servers automatically to a PasteServer


The configuration file is located under the following path: modules/CloudNet-Report/config.json


Enables (or disables) the records of crashing servers (true/false)


The directory in which the records should be saved


The currently only supported type is HASTE This supports every PasteServer which supports the Hastebin API, for example the PasteServer
This PasteServer includes additionally the opportunity to delete the document again with a deleteSecret.
The Cloud will tell you this secret if available.


This defines the BaseURL of the PasteServer which should be used.

Sample Configuration

The default configuration of the Report Module looks like this:

"savingRecords": true,
"recordDestinationDirectory": "records",
"pasteServerType": "HASTE",
"pasteServerUrl": ""