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Version: CloudNet v3.3

Bridge Module

The bridge module is the core of the modules. It connects the servers with the proxies and manages callbacks. It does also serve the ingame /cloud and /hub commands.
The bridge module also contains "only proxy join", which prevents users from bypassing the proxy, which leads to direct access to the Minecraft servers. This is more of a protection for inexperienced users. Unwanted problems can occur when using this feature, we highly recommend disabling it entirely and to use a firewall instead. A tutorial for Firewalls can be found on SpigotMC.



Defines the prefix of the ingame messages


Enables (or disables) the onlyProxyProtection (true/false)


Disabling the onlyProxyProtection is NOT recommended!
Please ensure that your Firewall is set up correctly if you disable it.


Here you can add specific groups for which the OnlyProxyProtection should be disabled.



This is a json array containing groups on which the bridge will not be installed.



This is a json array containing different fallback configurations for different proxy groups.


Json array of alternative hub commands.


Enabled (or disables) the logging of the player connections in the console (true/false)


A set of the ingame messages sent by the Bridge Module


To disable a message clear the content of the string

Sample Configuration

The default configuration of the Bridge Module looks like this:

"config": {
"prefix": "&b&oโ–  &8โ”ƒ &3&lCloud &8โ— &7",
"onlyProxyProtection": true,
"excludedOnlyProxyWalkableGroups": [],
"excludedGroups": [],
"bungeeFallbackConfigurations": [
"targetGroup": "Proxy",
"defaultFallbackTask": "Lobby",
"fallbacks": [
"task": "Lobby",
"permission": null,
"availableOnGroups": [],
"priority": 1
"hubCommandNames": ["hub", "lobby", "leave", "l"],
"logPlayerConnections": true,
"messages": {
"already-connected": "ยงcYou are already connected to this network!",
"command-hub-no-server-found": "&7Hub server cannot be found",
"command-hub-success-connect": "&7You did successfully connect to %server%",
"server-join-cancel-because-permission": "&7You do not have the required permissions to connect to this server.",
"command-hub-already-in-hub": "&cYou are already connected",
"server-join-cancel-because-maintenance": "&7This server is currently in maintenance mode",
"server-join-cancel-because-only-proxy": "&7You must connect from an original proxy server",
"command-cloud-sub-command-no-permission": "&7You are not allowed to use &b%command%"
"properties": {}