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Discontinuation of CloudNet v2

ยท One min read
Joschua K. (byRoadrunner)

More than four years ago, on the 27th of August 2017, the first beta version of our CloudNet v2 cloud system has been released.

Since then, many things have changed. For example, we introduced the new modular version 3 of CloudNet, a ticket system and our completely new website with documentation for CloudNet v3.

CloudNet v3 offers more possibilities for extension with modules, a failover cluster system for distributing load across multiple machines and much more. Therefore we decided to end the development of CloudNet v2.

Migrating to CloudNet v3

We do know that some users face difficulties understanding the CloudNet v3 system, therefore we would like to point out that we will assist you with the move in our new v2 migration support category! One of our team members has developed a migration utility which does the heavy lifting of the migration for you.

A special thanks goes to all contributors of CloudNet v2. Especially to our two main contributors, GiantTree and TheMeinerLP! We are very grateful and will never forget your hard work, heart and soul you put into the project.