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Our new website!

ยท 2 min read
Linus F. (Sarsum)

We are happy to present you our new website.
The main content of our website is the documentation area which can be found at Currently, we have only a section for our latest CloudSystem CloudNet-v3, but we intend to provide also documentation for CloudNet-v2 in a later stage.

Future plans

There are a few modifications we want to make to our website. Unfortunately, some of them are only possible once the website has been published or are not meaningful at the current stage.


We want to provide translation for all our pages. At the moment, only this blog post, and the landing page are translated.
To do so, we would love to use the Crowdin OpenSource membership, for which we have to apply first.

In addition to the translations, we would love to see a search bar for our site. We would like to use Algolia DocSearch, which also needs the site to be public before applying.

CloudNet-v2 Documentation

Of course, we also want to have a documentation for CloudNet-v2 available for you.
At the moment, our developers are working on a huge update for this version. It will introduce many changes in nearly every config (which will be automatically converted) and the command syntax.
Therefore, we have decided to wait with the documentation for CloudNet-v2 until the big update is finished.


This website is OpenSource, you can view it at
We have built it with Docusaurus, mainly using Markdown.

If you see any mistake, anything missing, or you have any other idea for a change, we would love to see your pull request!


Our blog comes also with an update feed!
You can choose between RSS ( or Atom ( to receive updates.